Donnerstag, Mai 08, 2008

Bitte gehen Sie weiter, es gibt nichts zu sehen.

Sonntag, Februar 10, 2008


The days I am not at work are usually very busy with friends, at least these last two days were. I love to spend time with people, to talk, share life and dream (and eat :-) together. I feel very rich to have so many wonderful inspiring, caring and loving people around me. For the last days there were Julia and Basti from Köln who stayed with us; in the afternoon we met with friends from Hamburg to try figure out what to do think about the upcoming elections in the city; Salome and Henning came over for dinner and in the evening my brother Kristov arrived and Janna came round for a cup of late-night tea... Beautiful.
Yesterday Kristov, his woman-for-life Katharina, Janna and us took a ferry to Finkenwerder. It was one of the first sunny days after long grey rainy weeks, much needed! And here's what we found...
The arab ship doesn't want to be turned around, so you'll have to watch it like this I'm afraid.

Sonntag, Januar 27, 2008


A long time since our last post... All our boxes are unpacked and it feels good to have a new home base. My dear friend Catrin gave us this picture of the Hamburg harbour with a hook to hang our keys on... Now we are ships in a harbour - ... sometimes I feel more like a piece of driftwood though. But that's only those messy emotional girl-moods I guess.

Anyway, we are really amazed by our new flat, it's really big!! You can run through the corridor to gain momentum and then slide into the living room - right into the cupboard :-). Yes. And we have done some serious painting (after long diplomatic discussions about the right type of green). And this is the picture that hung in my grandmother's living room as long as I can remember. It's now in our sleeping room. Yes, we have a living room, a sleeping room, a bathroom, a corridor, a kitchen, a small store room and a room with which we don't know what to do. It's crazy.

Montag, November 05, 2007

The Council

Another weekend of community, prayer, discussion and seeking God is over. Another Council meeting of Jesus Freaks Germany. Every time I leave I feel such a strong love for those people. Some of them I know for almost ten years, others I got to know just some months ago, but being together in JF always makes me feel that we are bound together by some fate and that we belong together - which is actually true!! A sad fact is that some people who couldn't agree with the recent developments and the "open space"-method which was used in the process kept distance or dropped out.
The location was an old castle - getting there in fog and darkness was the first qualifying test. The aim of the meeting was to adopt a new value paper that lays down the new direction, defines the leadership style and structure of the Jesus Freaks. In general there was a broad acceptance, but since we aimed for a one-voice decision, and there were quite a number of details to discuss, we could not even vote for the first of 13 pages. Maybe that sounds like a big failure, but in my perception we accomplished something very much bigger.
The main achievement in the whole Council is the ongoing process of learning to trust, respect and create space for each other, regardless of his position, opinion or the years of membership. Admitting that Jesus is incarnate in everyone of us and has an important contribution to make. At times there are contradicting views but through mutual trust and dialogue we could find to unity again and again. I like how the "architectural" team has put it in words: "Unity in gigantic diversity - not based on compromise but on miracle!" Jesus Freaks are not a subculture, we are made up from many different subcultures that normally would not get along with each other. Again and again I am amazed by this miracle!


Donnerstag, Oktober 18, 2007

Hierarchy vs Anarchy

In a couple of weeks the next unit of the FreaksLeadershipTraining will take place. This time the issue is leadership, a quite controversial one. Especially because the transition process of Jesus Freaks Germany (das Konzil) is still on the way. So there won't be any "How-to" advices but just a introduction of different extreme positions and principles and a lot of space for everyone to draw his conclusions. I like this concept.
By the way, the FLT is so cheap - incredible 99€!! - because it was sponsored by an American Foundation that wants to help our movement. A nice move! I remember an article on the leftist internet news network a few years ago that spoke quite bad about the Jesus Freaks and compared it to violent right-wing fundamentalism. It was the time when one of our leaders became (for a very short time) member of the right-wing party Republikaner (hier gibt es keinen Link, ich habe es auf der Seite nicht länger als 15 Sekunden ausgehalten und will das auch niemandem zumuten! Ich zitiere nur "Mach mich nicht an Ali!") and could bring some people from there to Christ. It was a very controversial thing even in our own ranks. But I always apreciated him as a person and leader. Unfortunately he just left not only the blogosphere but also JFI. I am really sad about this. However, he did not leave the body of Christ! I wish him & his family all the best.
One of the points that was held against the Jesus Freaks in the
(German) was that we were financially supported by American Christians. That was not true at that time, but now it is a fact.
The hardcore band Preacher has a video on their myspace site where they also put in a picture of the headlines of that article. Click here to watch "when does protest turn into oppression".

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Donnerstag, Oktober 04, 2007

Free Burma

Today, one day after the German Unity Day, bloggers internationally join the free burma campaign to give a voice to the opresses citizens of Burma (also known as Myanmar). Our blogging friend Hufi made me aware of it and I think the new communication media can make an impact on the political situation there. The military regime of Burma would like to keep the country isolated and hide the massive human rights violations from the worlds eyes. Via internet and cellphones a lot of information has been brought out of the country, creating awareness of the suffering. I found one burmese blog in english, for sure there are a lot more out there.

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Montag, September 17, 2007

my sweet little sister

This weekend I went to Berlin to visit Elli, my younger sister. It was lovely* We bought socks, watched pride and prejudice (the long version - 4,5 hours of Mister Darcy...), and baked Zwiebelkuchen (it was nice, but didn't taste the same way we remembered it from our grandmother). A quiet weekend.